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Under Account/ Delete my profile definitively from the site, you can delete your profile and terminate your Membership. Your profile and all personal data will be permanently deleted. In the case of remaining credits they can not be reimbursed for administrative reasons. Would you then like to be a member of Lea Community again, you need to register again and create a new profile.

Yes, the membership at Lea Community is free! The free membership is limited only in a few features. To use the full functionality of Lea Community You can apply for upgraded Premium Membership subscriptions. An overview can be found here.

You receive unlimited access to all additional functions. In addition, each subscribed member of Lea Community helps the community to support global environmental aid projects.

As a registered member you can go to Settings/Account on the menu and upgrade your free Membership to Premium Membership.

The subscribed Premium Membership ends after your membership term you have purchased. Your balance and thus also the additional functions you can upgrade anytime. After the term of your subscription credit, you still keep your registred status and the free membership version which you can use. Therefore, the change to the free membership is not necessary.

Your question was not answered in the FAQ? Contact our support team. We will answer you as soon as possible. support@lovearthangels.com


Steps for restoring your password:
1. Click the link 'forgot password?' in the login box
2. Fill the dialog box with your email address
3. The system sends an email with a validation button on your e-mail address.
4. Click the validation key and reset your password, repeat it in the next field. If the two passwords are identical, a registration form will open. Now you can use your new password in the registration form.

Profile photo: Click in the field to upload the image that you wish to have as a profile photo. This image will be seen in the search results.
Photo albums: In this album you can upload photos of yourself, they are then visible to everyone.

You can upload this image or even take one picture from your select albums.


To initiate a chat you must be a Premium Member. You must be sure that the other member is also online. It names of "who's online?" display.

Chat requests and chat exchanges are not kept. Therefore, you can not find the chat, that has been sent from a member. The chat will be directly deleted from our system.

If a registered member behaves not lawful you can anonymously report this member with the report member function. We will check the profile immediately to determine if it is a false profile or whether this profile does not respect the rules to our GTC. Should this be the case, so we will exclude this member directly from the site.

If you want to block a contact, you follow that procedure: In the member's profile page, you can find the function block member, once you block that member you will not get any messages or chats from this member anymore. This function can at any time be revoked.