Our steadfast commitment is to connect people and make the world a better place

We desire to create deep resonant relationships between caring and loving people, who wish to meet others to share the experience of vision and hope, compassion, caring, and mindfulness while contributing to our donation goals we have set for nature & the environment.

We are, at our core, social creatures. Affiliation is the strength that allows us to join with others to create something stronger, bigger, and more creative than any individual.

With your affiliation, you can support us in our commitment.
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My daughter Giulia is my world! She is the inspiration behind everything I do. I am driven Forward because of my beautiful daughter. I connect environmental issues every day in our life. If there is one area in which education has a special responsibility, it is, I believe, our natural environment.

Monika, Mother of Giulia and Initiator of Lovearthangels

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