Let's make our dream come true together

We are here to act! This is our basic principle! With a Premium affiliation, all members of the Community can support Lovearthangels in their commitment to the environment.

Our goal is to reduce plastic waste in the oceans. We support several environmental projects, which wish to make the population aware of the problem of plastic pollution.

Wait, plastic waste?
Time for other ways!

Plastic is an indispensable part of our everyday life. We at Lovearthangels think that plastic is no longer funny when we found out that 8 million tons per year ends up in our oceans. About one hundred million tons of plastic are drifting now around in our oceans. We know that plastic doesn't rots, it survives up to 500 years. Due to the action of sun and wind plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller particles. Many animals in our seas confuse these small particles with plankton. They die an agonizing death as plastic and toxins accumulate in the cells. These animals land again on our plates. Which in turn end up in our human body. Do we want to allow even further destruction of the earth progresses? No! Fortunately, there is still hope for our future generations, if we act together now!

Our partners to the rescue!

Lovearthangels donates 50% of its profits to NGOs fighting for a world without plastics.

Lovearthangels supports ecological organizations that are dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution, propose solutions to this problem, and implement them. Each new paying member will help clean up a few square meters of our seas.

Thank you for being here !

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