General Business Conditions (GTC)

The following General Business Conditions (GTC) refer to the Internet portal

1. Predestination

1.1. Each user of Lea Community automatically accepts these terms with the use of the - even if used or accessed outside of Switzerland.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions constitute a contract governing the relations between the and the users or members. By logging on to the, the user declare that they have read and understood these general terms and conditions. If they disagree with these terms and conditions they must resign their registration.

1.3. This contract is deemed to be completed as soon as the user has registered successfully at Lovearthangels.

1.4. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to use this offer.

1.5. A violation of these General Terms and Conditions may lead to immediate deletion of the profile.

2. Registration and access

2.1. If you want to access the and use the offers, you must first register online, enter a user name and create your profile. This includes also the event services. Recording an event requires that the customer first logs on to the website Non members who are interested in uploading an event on are welcome to contact us.

2.2. Lea Community reserves the right to reject any member or delete their membership whose profile or behaviour is deemed unacceptable. Lea Community does not need to give any reason for this decision. In addition, the rejected member has no monolingual options and no refund claims.

2.3. The accessibility of the Lovearthangles is generally 24 hours daily, 7 days a week. The Lea Community endeavours to ensure the greatest possible availability of the servers and thus of the contents and stored messages, but cannot guarantee this and do not commit themselves to any specific availability.

3. The offer
3.1. Social Dating:

3.1.1. The Lea Community is a virtual meeting place for people who feel as spiritually, ecologically and socially oriented. People at the Lea Community combine interest in ecology, spirituality, humanity, animal welfare, health and awareness. Here, you can make contact with other similarly thinking and feeling people and exchange ideas. In addition, they can enter eco-social, sustainable projects in their profile. The projects at the Lea Community have a significant, positive impact on people and the environment. Issues such as energy, healthcare, social cohesion, eco-social products are welcome. Every member who wants to have a positive effect with their project can present their project at the Lea Community and win the right people around the world for their project. In addition, members can benefit from various events offered by different members and non-members.

3.1.2. Lea Community makes every effort to keep the offer current and functional.

3.1.3. Lea Community verifies the profile contents according to the available possibilities for compliance with these conditions of use. Nevertheless, Lea Community assumes no responsibility for the content of the profiles.

3.1.4. Lea Community is not an intermediary platform and therefore guarantees no contacts. Contact is the responsibility of the members.

3.2. The events

3.2.1. The following terms and conditions for an entry / publication of an event on the portal (hereinafter referred to as ˝Portal˝) shall apply to all contracts made by the user with the Internet community the Lea Community via the form page at the Any deviating, contradictory or supplementary general terms and conditions of business of the customer shall not become a contractual component.

3.2.2. The use of the contractual service presupposes that the customer first logs on to the website, giving their data as event users. Lea Community assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness, actuality, information, contents on linked external websites or quality of the contents. The user declares in all forms, with the provision of information and picture material, the rights of publishing necessary for this purpose.Lea Community reserves the right to change or delete any content which has been set by the user at any time without stating reasons. In the event of knowledge of legal violations, such content, data, information as well as content on linked external websites are immediately deleted.

3.2.3. Payment is by credit card. The advertiser can log in and upload the event.
Note: Once finalized, advertiser will not be able to make any more changes.
For changes, advertiser must delete event and upload a new one. In the case of deletion of an entry, all fees and costs incurred shall not be reimbursed.

4. The use

4.1. It is only permitted to use the profiles and interaction, contact and contact management with other members.

4.2. It is not permitted to post pornographic, moral, political or other illegal contents in profiles or messages. It is also not permitted to threaten, harass other members or violate the rights (including personality rights) of others.

4.3. Pictures may not contain any pornographic content, no nude photos or nude pictures may be uploaded, as well as representations of violence or other content, which can be perceived as disruptive. Lea Community reserves the right to remove images without giving reasons.

4.4. Each member has the option to report offensive content to the site administrator. It is then decided how to deal with the contested content.

4.5. It is prohibited to use commercial advertising for your own purposes or for third parties outside of any advertising agreement with Lea Community unless explicitly approved in connection with an inserted project on Lovearthangels.

5. The costs

5.1. Registration and membership at the Lea Community is free of charge. The registration creates a free contractual relationship between the Lea Community and the registered customer, which is governed by the provisions of these General Conditions of Use. The free membership includes contact with other members, but it is not possible to write messages or enter a project.

5.2. After registration, Lea Community also offers various services to the user. The contractual basis of these services is also these general conditions of use. The customer is informed about the content of the respective chargeable service, the prices and the terms of payment before concluding a contractual relationship. By clicking the ˝Buy˝ button, the customer declares that they wish to conclude a contract for the services they have selected.

5.3. If you choose PREMIUM membership at Lea Community as service, you have the possibility to pay with credit or debit card. Your membership will not automatically be extended. The subscribed Premium Membership ends after your membership term you have purchased.

6. Deletion / cancellation of the profile

6.1. As a member, you don’t need to terminate your membership at the Lea Community Your membership will not automatically be extended. The subscribed Premium Membership ends after your membership term you have purchased. After that, you still keep your free status and can continue to use the free membership. If you want to leave the Lea Community Community, you can do so at any time. This function can be found in your account as completely deleting my profile from the page. The already paid premium contributions will not be refunded.

6.2. Lea Community reserves the right to terminate membership of the member if they do not comply with these terms and conditions or violate public morality or applicable law.

6.3. A dissolution of the membership - irrespective of which side this takes place - releases Lea Community from any damage claims on the part of the member.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. The use of the Lea Community is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for damages caused by the use ofthe Lovearthangels.

7.2. The equipment (computer, software, telecommunication, etc.), which allows access to the, is fully charged to the member. The same also applies to the telecommunication costs incurred in their use.

7.4. Lea Community assumes no liability for the fact that the functions contained on the meet the requirements of the member. Also, Lea Community does not warrant that the provision of the will be uninterrupted, fast, secure, and compatible with the equipment and program of the member, fully compliant, error free or free from any programs or codes that are harmful to other programs.

7.5. In case of the defect of the, the User shall bear all costs incurred in the maintenance, repair or correction of their own equipment or programs.

7.6. Lea Community is not responsible for the content of websites, which can be reached by means of advertising banners on the Similarly, Lea Community disclaims any liability for any and all external content of any other websites.

7.7. Lea Community assumes no responsibility for the honesty and identity of the authors of the content published on the

7.8. Lea Community cannot be held responsible for false statements by a member.

7.9. Lea Community assumes no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the use which other members or third parties may make of the published content.

7.10. Lea Community assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever with respect to the offers made by its advertising partners. Any complaint, contestation or other steps in this regard must be submitted directly to the responsible partner.

8. Privacy Policy

8.1. For is the protection of the personal data of the members very important. protects the strict confidentiality of the personal data, which are communicated. This information is in no way disclosed to third parties and is used solely for the internal use of Lovearthangels.

8.2. The contents of the exchanged dialogs within the mailbox remain confidential. This excludes the infringements as defined in point 4.2. of these terms and conditions. In such cases, the stored content can be used as legal evidence.

8.3. The user explicitly gives their consent to receive email newsletters. These newsletters are an integral part of the service and inform the user about current topics and news about the offer of Lovearthangels. In addition, specific messages may be sent when a member needs to be addressed directly.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. Lea Community can change the terms and conditions regularly. Lea Community makes every effort to communicate changes to members immediately, but cannot guarantee that each member will actually receive them. Members are therefore requested to periodically review their content to ensure that they can agree to it. The use of the service is terminated for every member who does not accept the latest version of the GTC.

10. Applicable law, jurisdiction

10.1. In the case of a legal dispute, the general conditions of use in force shall be regarded as the legal basis. These terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law and exclude all other jurisprudence.

10.2. The court of jurisdiction is in Lausanne (VD) in Switzerland.